Adult Social Skills

Fall 2014 Session Info

Age Day Time
Ages 19+ Thursday 5:30-6:30pm

The Fall 2014 Open House will be held on Thursday, September 18.

There will be no classes on October 16.

Fall 2014 - Thursday Sessions


Registration for the Fall 2014 session is now open!

Adult Social Skills

Cost: $325.00 - 8-week program
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Registration for the Fall 2014 session is now open!

The Kinney Center's Social Skills Program helps adults with high-functioning autism develop essential communication and social skills so that they can improve relationships with family members, teachers, therapists, and peers. Specifically, the program aims to increase social motivation, or the desire to interact with others; initiation of social interaction, such as approaching others, making eye contact, and saying hello; and appropriate social responses, such as answering questions, taking turns, and exchanging salutations. Instruction will also emphasize generalization of skills across different settings, and long-term maintenance of skills after the program's end. The program uses the principles of applied behavior analysis, including modeling, role-play, motivational systems, and systematic prompt fading.

Upon acceptance into the program, parents/guardians or the adult student learner must complete a survey of each applicant's existing social skills. The Kinney Center staff will review the survey, determine goals, and develop lesson plans to teach skills. Participants will receive an individualized program plan specific to their social needs. Throughout the session, the staff will collect data to monitor progress and modify lessons if needed.

Participants will receive direct 1:1 instruction in small groups. Opportunities for generalization across different staff members will be provided.

Saint Joseph's University students (SCHOLARS) staff the Social Skills Program. They are trained and supervised by a certified behavior analyst and a licensed psychologist.

Social skills groups are offered in eight-week sessions. Classes meet once a week for one hour.

Due to the educational component of the Kinney Center, at various times, students enrolled in the autism minor or certificate program will be observing Kinney Center programs as part of their coursework.

In the case of inclement weather where a program must be canceled, sessions will not be made up due to time and space restrictions.

Please note that this program can accommodate a limited number of participants. At this time, individuals who exhibit severe behavioral problems, such as aggression, or have significant intellectual disabilities cannot participate in the program. If enrollment limits are reached, applicants may be placed on a waiting list. Upon acceptance into the program, the fee of $325.00 must be paid two weeks prior to the program start date to guarantee a child's spot in the program. A limited number of financial assistance scholarships are available to families with financial need, subject to approval. The Kinney Center also offers a "sibling discount" to families with more than one child enrolled in the same program.

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